What parent hasn’t told their kids to eat a well-balanced meal. Yet, the mac and cheese goes quickly and the broccoli remains on the plate.

As adults we know what’s good for us. But the mac and cheese still goes first. And we continue to struggle with the greens.

Much easier to dream about being fit someday, than to eat better everyday.

Austin Kleon, author of How to Steal Like an Artist, put it this way:

“Everyone wants to be the noun, without doing the verb.”

We want to be the “boss”, a “player” or the “winner”. We love to dream about being a noun that astounds and impresses. Not so much when it comes doing the action-verb-work of daily improvement.

Are your daily actions leading to becoming the noun you admire?

I can almost hear my Mom saying: “Craig, sit up straight. Square your shoulders. And eat your verbs.”


Call to Craftsmanship: What verbs are on your plate today?

-Craig   www.kraftworx.com


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