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We don’t provide sales methodologies or training, we understand how to make them work.

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Guiding Fortune 500 Companies Through the Sales Transformation Process

Kraftworx focuses on the most critical piece of sustainable sales performance: AN INDIVIDUAL’S DESIRE TO IMPROVE THEIR OWN PERFORMANCE. Unlocking this enables the development of new capabilities and leveraging existing ones. It is a multiplier in helping companies achieve their growth ambitions.

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When Executives are faced with the need of improved sales results, common challenges arise:


Concern any initiative will fall short of expectations with painful consequences to the company and Executives.


Sales Leaders won’t stay engaged, therefore results won’t be sustainable.

Sustainable Results

Sales development initiatives won’t change behavior over the long term.

Return on Investment

Without ROI data you don’t know where investments succeed, fail or stall.

Consider a Different Perspective

Little has changed in sales methodology in the last twenty years, however a great deal has been learned about the science of competitive performance. We use the five elements of the “kraftworx Operating System” to optimize our engagement: