About kraftworx

The Science of Peak Performancein Your Life and Profession.

I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of sales leaders and tens of thousands of their sales reps over the last seventeen years. Last year I started researching in earnest what sets elite performers apart from everyone else.

Why is it that a few excel, while most never come close to their potential? Why do most people hit a minimum level of performance, and then “hit cruise control” for the rest of their career?

What started as research became an obsession to answer these (and other) questions. I’ve tried to understand the science and simplicity that leads to craftsmanship. Here’s my working definition:

“Craftsmanship” is the journey to perpetual improvement and mastery.  It calls you to transform your capabilities that optimize potential, performance and contribution.

I started this kraftworx site to share my personal insights and challenges about this journey with you. It’s also to learn from others who are committed to craftsmanship. Join us by subscribing.

My best to you,


—Craig Christensen