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Common Challenges for Non-Profits

Kraftworx helps to solve three significant challenges for non-profit organizations: Contribution, Sustainability and Scalability.


Getting clear on the why and how we make a difference, as an organization and individuals.


Applying the principles of “social enterprise” to create predictable, long term impact.


Increasing the organization’s reach through strategic decision-making and execution.


We work to build self-reliance into each organization that we work with.

While each situation is unique, below are examples of what common problems and timelines could look like:

Common Problems Improved Outcomes Kraftworx Services
“We say ‘yes’ to everything because fits our mission and creates overload” Decision-making Facilitate and implement updated Strategic Vision and Plan
“We get dependent on one or two key people” Leadership capacity Leadership coaching and development
“We need clarity of decision-making” Strategic execution Executive coaching
“We need everyone to improve in their roles and contribute their best” Organizational impact Facilitate and implement a “coaching culture”

Phase/Time   Activity Kraftworx Services
(~1 month)
Research and interviews with key organizational stakeholders Creating a business case and custom engagement outline
Operating Plan
(~1 month)
Facilitate the creation/ update of the Strategic Vision and Plan Creation of an Operating Plan: clarity and direction, tactics and responsibilities
Building Leadership
(~4 months)
Coaching and strengthening organizational leaders in the execution of the new Operations Plan Ownership of decision-making at the fronline
Execution Excellence
(~6 months)        
Ongoing advisory role Real-time course correction and modification of the Operating Plan