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We don’t provide sales methodologies or training, we understand how to make them work.

“kraftworx, inc.” focuses on the most critical piece of sustainable sales performance: AN INDIVIDUAL’S DESIRE TO IMPROVE THEIR OWN PERFORMANCE. Unlocking this enables the development of new capabilities and leveraging existing ones. It is a multiplier in helping companies achieve their growth ambitions.

“kraft” is an artistic use of the Danish word for force or strength. It is the drive in each of us to do more, be more and contribute more. “worx” is a workspace at the crossroads of preparation and innovation.

When Executives of a Fortune 500 company are faced with the need of improved sales results, four common challenges arise:
➊ Concern any initiative will fall short of expectations with painful consequences to the company and Executives.
➋ Sales Leaders won’t stay engaged, therefore results won’t be sustainable.
➌ Sales development initiatives won’t change behavior over the long term.
➍ Even if investments have already been made, further investment may be required to have the desired impact.

Consider a different perspective. Little has changed in sales methodology, a great deal has been learned about the science of competitive performance. Consider these leadership mindsets to help you choose:

FROM: A lockstep march through a “one size fits all” change initiative.
►TO: Stay narrow in your focus and customized in application. Go deep on the “critical few” elements that drive the execution of growth. Knowing what to leave out avoids overcomplication.

FROM: Training for Sales Reps.
►TO: An ongoing process of improvement and execution involving the entire Sales Force (anyone who is client facing).

FROM: Mandate compliance.
► TO: Use an invitation-based approach to win hearts and minds through opt-in engagement. Compliance fosters apathy.

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